February 17, 2020

Made to be wild

(I hope you enjoy this SOUL LOVE post. I will be writing these posts almost as journal entries and hope it sparks some introspection and self-expressive creativity. While each of my posts have questions at the end, soul love post questions are meant almost as a journaling prompt for your own personal use . Of course, if you feel free enough, I’d love to hear your thoughts too!)

You were meant to be wild

We were made to be wild.

Because wild is free. 

The alternative to this, is to be tame. Tame means docile, domesticated, submissive…to not be taken very seriously, without real power or importance, serviceable but harmless. Oh, and it also means dull, spiritless, insipid, and lacking excitement.

I got everyone of those sentences from the dictionary verbatim. No extra adjectives. 

We were all created to experience freedom…authentic FREEDOM…wholly embodied. To feel it in our bones, in every cell of our body the reckless passion of life. To live free from guilt and shame, to not be dictated by culture, environment, people, or expectations. To be in love with life and see ourselves as the Divine does…infatuated and madly in love with who we’ve been created to be. To be so confident, and strong in our stance, that we don’t act out of fear of what people think.

Wild soul in the mountains

To hear something cruel, said out of someone else’s insecurity, and to be able to walk away with forgiveness…that…THAT is wild. That is unconventional.

To love ourselves like God loves us, cherished, beloved, and FULLY ACCEPTED…THAT is wild. That is not normal. It’s the kind of love, that, when experienced… you can’t help but return. WILD.

To have unkindness roll off our back like water on a raincoat, that is VERY WILD. Almost unheard of.

When nothing sticks to you, when people’s opinions (good or bad) don’t matter, THAT IS WILD.

To encounter God for yourself, not in the way others wish…to experience pure Love and let it change you. That is WILD. Authentic, life-changing.

To be unsubmissive to something you don’t believe in when everyone else does, THAT’S WILD.

To be honest about what you really feel and think. THAT IS WILD.

To chase your dream when no one else believes in you. THAT’S WILD.

To know the power given to you and how important you are to the world, THAT IS WILD.

You weren’t created to be tame, submissive, and without power. We were created for freedom. Free to love. Free to choose. Free to choose Love. 

Even if I’m not there yet, there’s nothing I want more than to live the wildest life possible. 

What does a wild mean for you? What does freedom look, sound, taste, smell, and feel like? How do you picture yourself when you imagine yourself embodying freedom?

5 Responses to “Made to be wild”

  1. Rachelle says:

    Interesting – I agree with the rightness of every one of your statements of how you describe wild, and yet it isn’t the picture I have of wild. Freedom is a glorious thing, but something about wild doesn’t quite resonate. For me wild entails being pulled every which direction by my own passions, feelings, and desires, which has the opposite effect of freedom. It’s casting off the binds of what others think and culture dictates, which is good, but without having anything but me to which I bow. Putting my happiness as paramount, rather than choosing commitment to anything greater than myself.

    For me, I’d say wildness is a step on the way to freedom, but it is not freedom.

    Freedom is when my eyes are so filled with the grand glory of God and His unharnessed Love that all the pulls of my own nature, all the naysaying of those around me dim in the overwhelming beauty and goodness of Who He is and what He offers. It’s becoming the unique person He created me to be, speaking truth kindly yet boldly, loving passionately and sacrificially without being hindered by my own selfishness, exploring knowledge through a framework of truth, having compassion for myself and others in our brokenness because He does too. Freedom is listening to Christ over others for me, because I can care too much about what others think. Not reading into Scripture what isn’t there, especially as a general truth for all.

    And it smells like the ocean, looks like the prairies, feels like a deep breathe…

    So I think I agree with you, I’d just use a different word than wild. 😘 (Also, can you tell I’m a verbal processor? And that I’m stuck in a chair for the better part of 6wks? 😂)

    • wingitmyway says:

      Rachelle, I appreciate your comment and LOVE your perspective. I think perhaps it’s a bit of semantics, as different words evoke different feelings/definitions for people. In this post I would say I used the word “wild” synonymously for “freedom”.

      While I fully celebrate the “free spirit”, I don’t want to advocate a selfish worldview. You spoke of choosing commitment to anything greater than yourself as paramount to personal happiness. For me, dedicating myself to something bigger than me creates happiness (or if we are being strict in definition, joy might be more accurate). While I am very very far from selfless, the more I depart from the cultural norm the more I realize how radical actual love is…whether in the spiritual realm, for ourselves, or others.

      So so loved what you took the time to share. With you sister. <3

  2. Elena Ladmirault says:

    These words are so beautiful, powerful, and true. I love them so much bc I relate to them. It brings me peace to see them in front of me. Exquisitely written!

    • wingitmyway says:

      Thanks you Elena! It’s such a freeing concept to realize that, as we live for an audience of One, we live an unconventional, but so incredibly FREE life. I think actually embracing who we were created to be is one of the bravest and beautiful things we can do.

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