February 17, 2020

The magic beverage I only drink when I’m working

The beverage to drink when traveling in airplanes

Flight attendants I work with are always wondering what I have in my crew water. It’s a pink lemonade type drink that often ends up looking purple in my blue water bottle. 

This drink is my secret concoction for staving away the evils of sharing oxygen with a few hundred people in a metal tube. I call it the “Cold Barrier”. It contains 100% percent of the vitamin C you need daily, 9 grams of fibre, and plus, it tastes yummy so it keeps me drinking all flight long. 

The vitamin C comes from the baobab fruit, originating from certain regions of Africa, Australia, Arabia, and Madagascar. It has a mild tangy, apricot kind of flavour and is easy to mix into anything and everything. At home I throw it in our smoothies, yogurt, and my favourite pudding recipe. Two tablespoon of Baobab contains your whole RDA (recommended daily intake) of vitamin C – it’s incredible for you. Surprising fact: Baobab has 10X more vitamin C that oranges, so that is a thing. 

I notice when I drink this on my flights I have not gotten sick, so I’ve been trying to stay diligent to keep drinking one of these 1.5 litre bottles per flight. 

I buy these lemonade packets from True Lemon to give it more flavour, and it tastes more like a juice. Each packet is only 10 calories each with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. I like the berry flavours the best.

If there are extra lemons or limes from our drink trolleys I will add those too. 

Cold Barrier Drink

  1. 1.5 litres water
  2. 2 tbsp baobab powder
  3. 1 True Lemon packet
  4. Lime or lemon wedges, optional

I just give it a shake and take big sips every chance I get to the galley. This is a great beverage to drink any old day, or when you’re feeling your immune system needs some encouragement. As a passenger, if you want to drink it on the plane, bring your own water bottle (empty) and bring the powders in your bag, and ask a flight attendant to fill your bottle up. Cheers!

Do you have any secrets to keep the colds away? Share your tricks below!

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  1. Nathan says:

    Ohh gonna have to try this!!! ?? Aldo love the new blog and can’t wait to see more and fly with you!!

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