April 30, 2020

Wellness morning routine (Aruba edition)

There’s something about starting your day in a very specific way that just sets you up for success. A good morning routine should get you excited, feeling fantastic, goal-orientated, and ready for whatever comes your way. 

I have varied morning routines depending on where I am and what’s happening in life (i.e. if I’m on layover, days I’m flying, being home in Vancouver, or if we’re traveling for pleasure), but today I thought it might be fun to share what my morning routine looks like where we are living now, here in the Caribbean. 

Wellness morning routine ideas on a tropical island

It’s a very gentle, slow-starting routine…but I mean, it’s not like I have anywhere to rush off to, lol!  During this isolation time I’m capitalizing on personal development, healthy habits, and allowing my spirit to be nurtured. 

REFRESH – with the biggest bottle of water (that I’ve set beside my bed the night before).

AWAKEN – by opening the curtains and letting the sunshine gently tell my brain it’s time to wake up. Still in bed, I then drink a cup of coffee with some organic collagen stirred in. My husband has made it a thing to always bring me coffee or tea in bed, and it’s honestly something that still makes my heart swoon.

REVITALIZE – with breath work. I do box breathing, the 4-7-8 technique, or at least 30 seconds of power breathing. When I was new to breath work it made me feel a bit dizzy or “floaty”, but after doing it for about a week, the feelings subsided. After squeezing out stale air and breathing deep, fresh air, you are left feeling so strong, cleansed, alive and almost high on energy. It’s still a fairly new practise, so I honestly only do a couple minutes of work. I definitely could stretch myself and go longer, but right now this is what I like.

GRATEFULNESS – I write morning pages and pray. I ask God for peace, kindness, and blessing for the day. I often will write down 10 things I am thankful for as a beginning to my morning pages. I will often read a devotional as well. I find mornings is the time that sets my mind straight and aligns my heart to bigger things. Often I will read the daily “Jesus Calling” chapter or from a plan on YouVersion Bible app.

MANIFESTATION – through setting my intentions and goals for the day. I love using my Passion Planner for this. 

NUTURE – with a green smoothie. After blending, we divide it in half and put it in our to-go cups.

INVIGORATE – with movement and fresh air. We take our smoothie cups and go walk by the ocean. Depending on my Dutchman’s workload we’ll do a short or a long walk. We usually do about 8km each morning, with a few swims thrown in to cool off. As we walk, I love using this time to brainstorm, pray, daydream, and of course, talk to hubs. This is literally the highlight of my day. 

REPLENISH – with the rest of the green smoothie and our daily vitamins (zinc, vitamin C, probiotics, etc). We’re usually still wet from the ocean, so we sip our smoothies and dry off in the sun on the back patio. Then, once we’ve let our smoothies digest, I will make Gerrit breakfast. Additionally, I make us shots of apple cider vinegar with a splash of pineapple juice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this morning routine! I would love to hear what yours is like in the comments. Much love <3 

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